N E L  L Y R O S E  

                                                                                                                                               is a LONDON based fashion textile designer specialising in Print with a focus on global artisanship.

After graduating from London College of Fashion, Nelly is dedicating her creative career to a sustainable approach through encompassing and preserving the beauty of traditional global craft processes in her work. Such techniques are often lost in the throw away world of fast fashion. Nelly translates her textile designs into a range of products from accessories to installations with a focus on C O L LA B O R A T I O N.

A strong love of colour and a distinctive illustrative abstract style defines both her work and call for positive sustainable change. She aims to prove that you can create beautiful fashion whilst eliminating exploitation and without compromising on quality. The end result is a preservation and support of artisan communities, culture and creativity enabling the medium of fashion to be used for positive change.

Nelly recently collaborated on a modest collection for Jakarta Fashion Week 2016. Her strong heartfelt desire to connect with the original source of textiles bought her to the City of Batik in Indonesia to collaborate with Dian Pelangi. 3 months were spent creating the vision with artisans, combining traditional Indonesian process within her own abstract vision. True to her ethics, the collection embodies a fusion of modernity whilst cherishing existing culture. It has been developed using techniques such as Batik, Songket weaving and Dye processes these have been combined with her design aesthetic from London including graphic print and abstract typography. It is this combination of style and sustainable empowerment that generates powerful synergies and catalyses such unique hand rendered final outcomes.

Nelly likes to combine design with a broad spectrum of impact journalism that includes magazine publications, styling, film and creative direction. Nelly’s blog @loudsaidnelly keeps track of positive discoveries, and explores cross platform social campaigns.

Above all Nelly is focused on using her voice and creative work to create a  positive global change within the fashion and design industry.